Tuesday, February 8, 2011

lemon crystal sunshine TIGER HATCHERY

i am pretty stoked on these guys as of late. totally killer 3-piece sax-bass-drums free jazz. all the obvious comparisons are there: Albert Ayler, Paul Flaherty, The Thing, etc this sits nicely up next to the Alan Wilkinson/John Edwards/Steve Noble album "Live at Cafe Oto" (which you NEED to have if you dig on this sort of thing). i know it might be short-sighted of me, but I love the fact that these are young kids. no 50+ old stalwarts blowing here (not that that's a bad thing)...these are some energetic and brash kids.

Tiger Hatchery is the trio of Mike Forbes - sax, Ben Billington - drums, and Andrew Scott Young - bass. Forbes and Young are both graduates of North Texas U. and former Denton-ites that made their way to Chicago and have been killing it every since. "Lemon Crystal Sunshine" is technically their first release, although they've had some tour tapes and since this have another couple tapes and an LP already! This release is also noteworthy for being their first studio recording. The live recordings have been awesome (all highly recommended) but this really shows a lot more detail and has a fuller sound (even as a cassette). Plenty of fire comes out of the trio but what makes them stand out is that they explore quieter territories and even get into some drone moments with all acoustic instruments! there is plenty of variety, dynamics and exploration. i cannot recommend these guys highly enough!

you can still grab a copy of this cassette (released on Deception Island, limited to 150 and sold out at the source already) at Mimaroglu. while you're there you can also find some of the last copies of their already OOP one-sided LP recorded live in Cleveland (also limited to 150 copies) on Pizza Night.

Go here and you can download both sides of "Lemon Crystal Sunshine" as MP3's. you can also download some live recordings and their first tour tape! if you dig what you hear and want more you can go to Green Records and Tapes and get a copy of their brand new tape recorded live in Michigan. do it quick, there are only 20 copies!!!

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